Droit & Croissance

Founded in 2012, The Rules for Growth Institute is an independentresearch institute that aims to promote growth in France through legal reform.

Law, regulations, and court rulings have huge impacts on the economy, and they should be designed and implemented with economic principles in mind. However, the French legal and economics communities operate in separate silos, preventing the cross pollination of ideas. Many well-intentioned French laws that aim to spur economic growth have failed to meet their aims, and these failures are largely due to a lack of indepth evaluation of their underlying economic implications.

Recognizing this, a small group of business lawyers and researchers in law and economics to joined forces to break down this artificial barrier and promote the interdisciplinary legal research.

Over time, The Rules for Growth Institute has managed to attract some of the best economists and lawyers in the country (Anne Perrot, Thomas Philippon, Alain Pietrancosta, Lucien Rapp, Alan Schwartz…).

In order to support the work of its scholars, the Rules for Growth Institute maintains a very active network in the worlds of law, finance and business, both in France and internationally. This network allows our members to collaborate with leading researchers around the world, and helps us convey our perspective to a wide variety of French and European institutions.

The Rules for Growth Institute aims to promote the economic analysis of law, a multidisciplinary approach consisting in studying the economic effects of legal norms, in order to propose lasting and effective reforms in French law. The Rules for Growth Institute advocates large-scale conceptual reforms in many areas (insolvency law, corporate law, competition law, labour law and taxation). These areas are essential for the diffusion of innovation, a vital driver for growth today, our country being on the technological frontier after more than seventy years spent in an economic catch-up phase.

The Rules for Growth Institute puts its expertise at the service of the leading elites and economic decision makers of our country using a framework of a constant dialogue. The actions and expertise of the Rules for Growth Institute are now recognized, both by public authorities and the academic world, in France and abroad, thanks to numerous publications and interventions conducted since 2012.

A country’s legal framework is closely linked to its culture and traditions. An improvement in its effectiveness requires a significant increase in research at the national level. Past experiences have shown that in the field of law, unlike other fields such as medicine or physics, it is illusory to hope that measures, however relevant, can be imported directly from abroad. Reforms can only be rooted in internal forces.

• In 2019, the Rules for Growth Institute’s actions brought together a number of legal, economic and financial stakeholders around common themes, the highlights of which was the Shareholder Activism & other forms of Shareholder Empowerment : The New Normal conference held at Axa in October 2019.

Find the summary (in French) of all initiatives held in 2019 and consult the Rules for Growth Institute’s income statement and balance sheet as of 31 December 2019 (in French).

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The Rules for Growth Institute is a non profit organization governed by the 1901 Law on Associations.