Banking regulation Research Group

Banking regulation pole

Head of Research Group: Adrien Tenne

The Banking Regulation ^ at Droit et Croissance / the Rules for Growth Institute is interested in developments in the regulation and regulatory framework affecting the banking sector and, to a lesser extent, other entities that can intervene on the financial markets. In the aftermath of the financial crisis and the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, which highlighted the many risks both for the financing of the economy and for public finances, the Rules for Growth Institute wishes to participate in the renewal of the approach to regulation and supervision in the banking sector.

This Research Group intends to take part in European and national reflections on this subject, drawing on the experience acquired by the Rules for Growth Institute to provide original, practical approaches that take into account the constraints of all stakeholders.

This research group has already participated in the development of a public report of the ICBM within the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).