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With an approach characterized by the interdisciplinarity of its work and an influence that allows it to have a concrete impact on the design of French and European public policies, the Rules for Growth Institute is constantly looking for new talents. We are looking for active people whose ambition is to have an impact in their areas of expertise, and more specifically in law and economics.

We therefore give priority to two types of profiles:
– Doctoral students and doctors, lawyers or economists, engaged in a thesis and/or work relating to one or more areas of expertise of the Institute. The thesis or work must demonstrate a certain interest in the economic analysis of law. We recommend attaching an article or draft article.
– End-of-course students (M2/LL.M level), in law or economics, curious to discover and/or deepen their knowledge in the economic analysis of law. For these profiles, you will be asked to provide, as an attachment, a previously published research dissertation or a completed article of a dissertation project. The field must come under one of the Institute’s centers of expertise. Priority will be given to students wishing to pursue a thesis or wishing to complete their university studies abroad in a program of excellence (LLM). A keen interest in theoretical or applied research is essential.

To apply, please attach a CV, the dissertation(s)/article(s) you have written if applicable and specify in the accompanying email your professional projects for 2-3 years.

Currently, Rules for Growth Institute is organized into 6 research centers: Law & Institutions; Competition ; Restructuring; Corporate Governance & Financial Markets; Innovation ; Banking and Financial Regulation; Law & Sustainable Finance.

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If you wish to contribute to the development of the Rules for Growth Institute by joining our research or management teams, do not hesitate to send your questions or a spontaneous application to, specifying your areas of interest and / or research projects.

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