Joint research initiative between Droit & Croissance and Ecole polytechnique – Institut polytechnique de Paris

Droit & Croissance’s team is delighted to announce that our institute is currently working on setting up a research initiative in Law, Economics and Finance at Ecole polytechnique – Institut polytechnique de Paris.

In line with the ambitions of our institute, the aim of this project is to encourage and develop French research in Law & Economics in various areas where this research is still largely absent from the French academic ecosystem and largely unaccounted for by French public authorities.

The common denominator of our research will be the implementation of a microeconomic approach to the rule of law and the study of the effects of regulatory changes on aggregate welfare, using a multi-criteria approach that takes into account economic efficiency, redistributive aspects and environmental and social impact. We also aim to advise Frenchpublic authorities on the best legal and legislative means of achieving democratically chosen objectives.

The research methods employed will involve a combination of qualitative, quantitative and empirical tools, and the subjects covered will include corporate governance, financial regulation, ESG and new technologies. It is expected that this general orientation will be enriched by other specific themes derived from interactions between researchers and practitioners, in particular regarding certain sectoral regulations whose economic effects have not been sufficiently studied given their importance.

Droit & Croissance and Ecole Polytechnique – Institut Polytechnique de Paris are in the process of raising funds to enable the full deployment of this research initiative, although several joint projects have already been carried out as part of this initiative by our respective institutions.

Should you have any questions or proposals in connection with our project, do not hesitate to contact Paul Oudin at