Rules for Growth & LL.M

An LL.M degree is aimed at students at the end of their university studies and young professionals. It is an essential qualification if you wish to open up your career internationally and facilitate your integration into the largest law firms. Offering a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of the law by discovering new legal systems, an LL.M is also an opportunity to specialise after a general law degree.

Why should you pursue an LL.M?

  1. Core skills and a new methodology

An LL.M is a degree that allows you to acquire a solid knowledge in the specialisation of your choice and to exchange views with students from all over the world on their experience, whether at university or in a law firm. This experience also allows you to discover how law is taught abroad, particularly in the English-speaking world where the Socratic method is still predominant.

  1. Competitive advantage

In a competitive job market, the specialisation and international outlook that an LL.M represents are crucial standouts. An LL.M demonstrates your commitment to academic excellence and a cultivated intellectual curiosity. This not only strengthens your credibility as a practitioner but also broadens your professional opportunities after graduation.

Moreover, an LL.M done in the United States allows you to sit the New York bar exam. Dual admission remains highly sought after by major business law firms.

  1. Networking

Another key asset of the LL.M is the opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned professionals and academics. LL.M programmes often bring together students and lawyers from all over the world, providing an ideal platform for expanding your professional and academic network.

D&C & LL.Ms

Several members of the Rules for Growth Institute have completed LL.M degrees at the most prestigious universities (Harvard, Oxford, NYU). Rules for Growth encourages curricula with an international focus so that lawyers and researchers can have a global vision of their practice.

Every year, we assist students willing to do an LL.M to make their project coherent and to provide them with all the necessary practical information.

To better understand the reasons that led our members to pursue an LL.M and the career paths that followed, you will find here a testimonial from Adnene Gargouri (LL.M Harvard)

Rules for Growth & Research Abroad (Ph.D, Visiting researcher)

If you are interested in research activities abroad, we can also help you. Some of our members have taken Visiting Researcher programmes at American universities (Harvard, Cornell Tech). Others have completed a doctorate abroad (D.Phil Oxford).