Alain Bloch

Alain Bloch

Director of HEC Entrepreneurs and co-founder of HEC Family Business. He is also the holder of the Commercial Action and Distribution Chair of the Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers (national conservatory of arts and crafts), Doctor from the University of Paris Dauphine and Vice President of the Société Française de Management (French management society).

His own experience as an entrepreneur and manager (he was notably the founder in 1990 and President up until 1995 of L’Annuaire Soleil, the first competitor of France Telecom’s Pages Jaunes) led him to focusing his research on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

He is also President of a Chamber of the Commercial Court of Paris.

Together with Sophie Morin-Delerm he published “Innovation & Entrepreneurship. From the Idea to the Organization” (Eska Publishing 2011) and “La stratégie du propriétaire” [Strategy of the owner] (Village Mondial Pearson 2012) with Nicolas Kachaner and Sophie Mignon.

Since 2011 he chairs the scientific council of the Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l’Ecole Militaire (institute for strategic research at the military school (IRSEM)).